Parade Rules and Info and Route

Foxborough Founders Day Parade Information2015-Foxborough-Founders-Day-2-Parade-0131

Line Up:

  • The parade will be lined up at 132 Central Street beginning at 9:00 A.M. All marchers will be dropped off at Foxboro Charter School across the street from 132 Central Street. All parade vehicles will enter the area off Leonard Street.  Please note there will be no parking or drop off on the premises of 132 Central Street. This change has been implemented to ensure the safety of all participants. A Police detail will be at the entrance of 132 Central to assist with crossing.
  • Parade Marshals will be in place to assist all groups as they enter the staging areas and at each line-up location. Parade participants must check in with the parade marshal and follow his or her instructions.
  • Parade marchers and floats for the same organization may be lined up at different locations. This will be done to make it easier for the extra-large floats to ease into the parade. At the proper time, the floats will be brought up to the row where the marchers are located.
  • The parade begins with the fire trucks at 10:00 A.M.

2014-FCA-FoundersDay-Parade-053Parade Route:

  • Beginning at 132 Central Street, up Central Street, to Common, to Mechanic Street, to Railroad Avenue, to Bird Street, to Foxborough Common, to South Street, down South Street to the entrance of the Booth Playground opposite Union Street. Parade participants must complete the parade route-do not drop out before entering the Booth Playground at Union Street.
  • The floats will be judged as they pass the reviewing stand located in front of the Senior Citizens Center. The three judging categories are: “Most Beautiful”, “Most Original”, and “Best Illustrates the Theme”. Each group should be sure that its name is on the float!
  • The winning floats will be announced at 12:30pm on stage after the activities begin at Booth Playground.
  • To avoid gaps in the parade floats and marching units should not stop at all along the parade route.
  • DO NOT THROW ANYTHING FROM THE VEHICLES, INCLUDING CANDY. If you desire to distribute candy, walkers should accompany your vehicle to do so.

The parade will end as follows:


  • All marchers will go to the entrance of Booth Playground opposite Union Street and enter the field. Please be sure that adults are there to meet young children. The Planning Committee recommends that all groups plan to meet at the Rec. Shed to pick-up their children. Please Remember: The Founders Day Planning Committee is not responsible for your children. GROUPS ARE RESPONSIBLE TO LET PARENTS KNOW WHERE TO PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN AFTER THE PARADE.

Floats and Vehicles:

  • The fire trucks will continue down South Street to the High School and the area of the Fireman’s Demonstration.
  • All other vehicles and floats will exit the parade and area by taking either a right onto Union Street or continuing down South Street and taking a left onto Walnut Street.
  • If there are riders that have to be dropped off, floats and other vehicles should continue down South Street just after Union Street, pull over to the left just beyond the entrance of Booth Playground, and drop off the people. Vehicles should then proceed down South Street to Walnut Street to leave the area.
  • If your group has received an Insurance Indemnification form, it must be returned to the Founders Day Committee by June 4th.

If the weather is bad on Founders Day, a decision will be made by 7:00 A. M. whether or not to cancel the parade. Check the local Cable Channel (Foxboro Cable Access) or call 508-837-4500 for a message as to whether the parade and the field activities will take place. Changes to the schedule will also be posted on the front page of the Foxborugh Founders Day web site as needed.  Check later in the day on the local Cable Channel about the fireworks. There will not be a rain date for the parade.

Please call Monica Fisler at 508-837-4500 if you have any questions about the parade, or send an email to


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