2015 Foxborough Founders Day will be Saturday June 13 and the theme is “Music In The Air!”  In the meantime, please enjoy our site, especially our galleries of nearly a thousand images from previous years!

THANK YOU! The Foxborough Founders Day Planning Committee would like to thank the Town of Foxboro and all of the wonderful people in this community for an absolutely outstanding Founders Day.

We are a small committee and know that we would not be able to pull of the events of the day without the continued support of the towns personnel and the community.

A special thanks to Foxboro Police Department and Foxboro Fire Department for their commitment to our community.

Also, thank you to the Town Highway Department, Tree and Park, Water Department and staff at Town Hall who stand behind us and support us to make Foxborough Founders Day a reality.

For those that spent numerous hours behind the scenes getting ready to participate in the days events we applaud you.

Without the parade participants and non-profit organizations at Booth Field supplying entertainment, food and fun activities our day of celebration would not happen.

Oh, and the fireworks. Atlas put on another fabulous show this year. The Grande Finale was the best we have ever seen, ever!

Thank you so very much!  Enjoy the nearly 500 images under the 2014 photo gallery section, and we look forward to Foxborough Founders Day on June 13, 2015!


About Foxborough Founders Day

From humble beginnings, Foxborough Founders Day has grown into a wonderful celebration of civic pride and a chance for the community to come together for a day of fun, food and fellowship sandwiched between the pageantry of a parade and an awesome display of fireworks. The 2014 theme is, “Celebrating Foxborough Sports & Athletics” and Foxborough-based organizations and businesses are encouraged to build upon this theme as they prepare their entries for the parade. Many will carry the theme over to their field activities where those non-profit organizations will provide entertainment food and fun for all in attendance. Every non-profit, civic and religious organization in Foxborough is encouraged to participate in the field festivities and raise funds for their various organizations by selling food, running games and raffles or selling novelties and other products. Together, the people and businesses of Foxborough will show the rest of the world why we call Foxborough Home Sweet Home!


VENDORS: Please read the forms carefully as there are new Board of Health requirements effective January 1, 2014!

Please Donate!

Donations are gratefully accepted year round and make a huge difference! Foxborough Founders Day is an all-volunteer effort and your donation of any amount helps defray the cost of the fireworks and other Founders Day events! Mail your check to Foxborough Founders Day Committee, 40 South Street, Foxborough Mass 02035


Last year’s highlights…