Yes, you read that right! If Founder’s Day is going to happen tin 2017, we NEED volunteers! We are losing some key volunteers, committee members, and board members. We need to fill these roles:

1. NEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS – We are losing some key board and committee members and need people to fill in and volunteer. Members handle the planning, fundraising and coordinating the event. Most people don’t know this, but we meet monthly all year round. Weekly when it gets close to the event. All year, we are coordinating with various town officials, local businesses, and charities. Of course, fundraising is a year-round effort as well.

2. DAY OF EVENT HELP (okay, it’s more than a day) – From Set-Up on Friday, to the Parade Saturday morning, Field Day, the Fireworks on Saturday night, and, of course, a big clean up on Sunday Morning.

We are a small group of dedicated volunteers, but this year we are TOO small to run this large event.

At our last meeting we took a hard look at what is required and how many of us are left to do it. The consensus is this: If we don’t get some new blood in the next few weeks, we won’t have the resources to continue this Family and Community tradition. We will be able to continue the fireworks display, at least for this year, but the parade and the field day will likely be cancelled without YOUR help.

Did you know that we had over 50 booths, displays, and events available this year? All were represented by Foxboro non-profit groups, charitable organizations, school groups and local churches.

Founder’s Day is the BIGGEST fundraiser of the year for many of these groups.

PLEASE help us keep the tradition going strong, send me or any of the undersigned a PM on Facebook, contact Scott directly at 508-964-5042, or an email to:

**We will also have a sign up table at the election**

Scott O’Donnell
Cindi Haddad-Drew,
Steven Drew,
Krystn Gustafson